Revolve Affordable Camera Dolly for Smooth, Dynamic Video

Revolve Affordable Camera Dolly for Smooth, Dynamic Video


Sure, you could just set up your video camera on a tripod and leave it in a static position, but moving, dynamic shots can be so much more interesting. The trouble is trying to get those motions to be as smooth as possible without breaking the bank and that’s where Revolve comes in.

The KickStarter project is seeking $7,500 in 45 days and its premise is relatively simple: it is an affordable camera dolly. The little cart has a spot for the regular tripod mount for whatever DSLR or camera you wish to use, and then there are four wheels. These four wheels can be left in the standard position for smooth tracking shots, but they can also be set at angles for dynamic rotational arc shots.

What’s cool is that each axle is threaded with holes that can act as mounting points for additional accessories, like audio receivers or lighting equipment. If you pick up the optional rail kit ($20), the dolly can travel on that for even smoother action on the soft urethane wheels. The whole thing is made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and weighs just 1 pound 7 ounces.

The early backer special has come and gone, but if you pledge $70 or more, you’ll get one Revolve camera dolly when it becomes available with free shipping to US customers. Pledge more money and get some extra accessories