Handpresso Auto: Get Your Morning Fix Of Coffee On The Road (Video)

Handpresso Auto: Get Your Morning Fix Of Coffee On The Road (Video)


There’s nothing like getting a creamy, steaming cup of espresso when you are driving your car in the middle of nowhere with your eyelids weighing a ton. If there’s no coffee shop for miles, either you can park your car somewhere safe to take a quick nap and be late for the important appointment, or you can make a hot cup of coffee for yourself with the Handpresso Auto, the latest addition into the range of mobile espresso machines from Handpresso.

The new in-car gadget looks similar to water bottles that are used by cyclists. It weighs in at 1.94 lbs (880g) and is powered by 12V DC from your car’s cigarette lighter. All you have to do is plug it in, add 1.79 ounces of water, place a circular E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) coffee pod in, close the lid, press the button and then wait for two minutes. After three beeps, your espresso will be ready. And the new espresso-maker is capable of creating 16 bars of pressure which will make sure that you get the perfect coffee.

The new product certainly looks like it’s going to be popular, but buyers should make sure that you stick to the rules of the road while you try (successfully) to become a mobile barista. You should pull over safely before you start playing with the Handpresso Auto.

Head here if you are interested in starting a coffee shop in your car and check out the video below to see the Handpresso Auto in action. It comes with a price tag of €149 (around US$200). And about the clip, do people really imagine like that after a cup of coffee?