Google Plans to Eavesdrop on Phone Calls to Provide “Better Personalized Advertisements”

Google Plans to Eavesdrop on Phone Calls to Provide “Better Personalized Advertisements”


The folks at Google try their best to give us mortals, hooked to “G” search, the stuff we need without much hassle.

I would say, that’s why we are hooked to Google in the first place. And the internet giant is making millions out of it too. Now they are planning to take personalized advertisements and Google’s trademark “search suggestions” to the next level by getting into much more personal realms.

Google has applied for patent, technologies which can be used to record and analyze the background noise when we make phone calls. The idea is to get a picture of the environment we are in so that they can dish out the right advertisements for us. They are even planning a system to monitor the pictures we click.

Creepy would be a total understatement for this latest endeavor from the company we have started to love hate so much.

But Google is adamant that their “Advertising based on environmental conditions” will not amount to spying or will not trespass our privacy. They merely want to listen for things to pick up on stuff that could be used for advertising. Like if it is snowing, they can pitch to sell snow shovels. And they will be doing it using computers and algorithms like they usually do with our mails and internet search patterns. So human element and related naughty doings can be avoided.

Google released a statement saying that the patent filings needn’t mean that they would employ the technology in the future. But going by the signs, Google is not just dreaming of creating a world where sellers (companies) can eaves drop on our conversations and lives to get ideas on how to sell their products to us; they are planning to pioneer in it.

This is totally not done, especially in the so called free world we are in. But then are we really free. Personalized advertisements are a big hit even as we speak. I myself, at times, find it a tad convenient at having found an ad which takes me to something I had Googled for just seconds before.

Like I mentioned earlier, a whole new level of “creepy” is awaiting us just around the corner.