Instant Shoe Machine Could Be From The Jetsons

Instant Shoe Machine Could Be From The Jetsons


new system being developed by the European ShopInstantShoe consortium to be installed in shoe stores, will allow you to get shoes custom-fitted to your feet, and that too on the spot.

So what’s this all about, you ask? In the future, you might enter a shop which has the ShopInstantShoe system installed. An employee there will take measurements of your feet using a specialized tool and the collected data would be fed into a computer.

And then, as usual, you will select a pair of shoes which looks appealing to you in your size. The uppers of these shoes will be made of a material that is a composite consisting of leather fibers and filaments of Nitinol, a shape-memory alloy.

The selected shoes will be placed in a special “Shoptool” machine which by now would have received your foot measurements from the computer. Using the data, the Shoptool will heat and mold the uppers of the shoes to the shape of your feet. The shoes will hold the shape indefinitely due to the presence of Nitinol.

And there’s no need to buy the finished shoes if you didn’t like them after wearing. They will give the shoes the Shoptool treatment again which will give them their original shape.

But unfortunately, the system is being developed for women only at the moment. That’s because they are the ones who are constantly facing foot problems due to fashionable but improperly-fitting shoes.  We are expecting the system to include men’s shoes as well sometime after the system is launched.