Tabber LED Light Sleeve to Change How We Learn Guitar

Tabber LED Light Sleeve to Change How We Learn Guitar


Technology is all about making life easier for the average consumer, but how far does that go? PCs and mobile devices allow you to run business and entertainment apps that put information at your finger times, TVs have new technologies like DVRs that allow you to record your shows for later, and … well I could go on but you probably get the point.

What if technology could make learning how to play an instrument easy too? That’s exactly what the Tabber Guitar system aims to do. Essentially, it’s a sleeve that contains thirteen LED lights that communicate with an Arduino Uno Processor and are recharged through a lithium-ion battery. It interfaces from there with your mobile device through Bluetooth. Combined with a special phone app you can download songs, cords, light patterns, and even regular lessons that will light up the appropriate LEDs to help you play along.

For now though, its not a commercial product, at least not unless enough funds are achieved through Kickstarter. To get your pre-order now all you have to do is pay $150, but keep in mind that this project will only come to pass if the total goal of $45,000 is reached. Right now? They are a fraction of the way there with $5,356. Honestly, at $150 it is a pretty cool concept, one I wouldn’t mind trying out myself, actually. Tabber is set to change the way people lean how to play guitars, and we can’t wait to see them do it.

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