Galileo Robotic Arm Does a 360 With Your iPhone

Galileo Robotic Arm Does a 360 With Your iPhone


Apple iPhone, meet the new robotic arm, Galileo. This uniqe arm is capable of tilting at a 360 degree angle with the swipe of your finger on a remote iOS device. Turning your iDevice into a video conferencing, video capturing, surveillance, and even photography tool.

Unfortunately it really isn’t clarified whether or not this system will work properly with existing camera, video, and chatting apps, but we do know an SDK is being offered to app developers. The Galileo will have an MSRP of $129.95 but on Kickstarter you can get a hold of a Galileo robotic arm for much less, in fact only a pledge of just $85.

With 28 days to go, and only 151 backers, the Kickstarter project for the Galileo has already managed to bring in $14,907 out of its $100,000 goal. So is Galileo for everyone? Probably not, but for certain niche uses like video conferencing it could certainly come in hand. Keep in mind though that the iPhone (or iPod Touch) doesn’t control Galileo without a remote device controlling the strings. The Galileo also charges your device through USB and has tripod mount system.

So what attaches to the Galileo? Either an iPhone 4 (and 4S) or a 4th generation iPod Touch and higher. For remote control, another iOS device or simply a web browser should suffice.

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