Rumors Claim That The iPhone 5 Will Feature A Bigger Display Size

Rumors Claim That The iPhone 5 Will Feature A Bigger Display Size


When it comes to Apple releases, we don’t seem satisfied for very long before we start dishing out the next batch of rumors about the bigger and better upcoming iDevice. The new iPad is just out the door and yet it hasn’t stopped the iPhone 5 rumors from coming in stronger than ever.

So what news is swirling around the rumor mill this time?

According to Reuters, a Korean newspaper called Maeil Business Newspaper has made claims that Apple has already begun ordering a new 4.6-inch display for the next iPhone from its supply vendors. These supply sources are unnamed, but one thing is clear, a 4.6-inch display would mean that the current iPhone design would have to be enlarged considerably.

Considering Apple’s aversion to creating a smaller-size (7-inch) iPad, I really can’t see them making the iPhone bigger either. Still anything is possible I suppose.

At the same time though, a rumor is also floating around about a 4-inch screen for the next iPhone. While I’m not sure if this is any more believable, it certainly is possible that a 4-inch size could exist without changing the current size of the iPhone. Maybe there will be a 4-inch and 4.6-inch model of the iPhone, not likely, but hey stranger things have happened before.

Both rumors also talk about 4G connectivity, which is pretty much a no-brainer at this point thanks to the new iPad.

As you can see in this screenshot, courtesy of iDownloadBlog, there is even code within iOS 5.1 that specifically mentions 4G. Of course this isn’t surprising considering that the iPad uses 4G, but this screenshot specifically mentions that “Disabling 4G will end your phone call.” Doesn’t get too much clearer than that.

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