Would You Play World of Warcraft on Your iPhone or iPad?

Would You Play World of Warcraft on Your iPhone or iPad?


World of Warcraft may not be quite as hot a topic as it once was, but the MMORPG is still hugely popular and Blizzard is looking into expanding the franchise onto mobile platforms. Yes, you could playing WoW on your iPhone.

This comes by way of an interview with John Lagrave, Senior World of Warcraft developer at Blizzard. Understandably, he voices concerns about how to package the huge desktop game into the smaller screen of a handheld device like the iPhone. The graphics may not be as much of a problem these days, given the high calibre we’re seeing in some higher-end iOS games, but how would you map all the controls?

Yes, they could come out with a simplified version that still lets you get into WoW on the go, but Lagrave is quick to point out that they “won’t do it until it’s decent,” meaning that they don’t want to water down the experience. You would likely have to consider the data usage ramifications too, since the game has to be played online.

Instead of porting the full WoW game, Blizzard may entertain having WoW minigames that tap into the same universe. There are rumors that the “Mists of Pandaria” expansion could have a “pet battle system” and minigames that could then theoretically be played on your mobile device. Lagrave says that they “look at that, but we haven’t solved it.”