Retina Display Apps Will Make The New iPad Even Hotter

Retina Display Apps Will Make The New iPad Even Hotter


Apple’s new iPad shipped with that awesome 2048×1536 Retina display. As expected, a lot of apps have been updated to take advantage of the high resolution display. The updated apps that are being highlighted on the front page of the App Store include mostly popular apps from the big names. These include  Kindle, NY Times, Flipboard, Reeder, Twitter, and Vimeo. All together there are 42 apps for you to choose from, and the selection includes games, productivity/learning software, among other types.

Apple has decided not to highlight Apple’s own updated software such as GarageBand and iPhoto as these apps get good promotion already. And, as you might have guessed by now, the average app price is quite high.

As for all the other apps which didn’t get updated, we are expecting those to get updated in the very near future. Non-Retina display apps will also work just fine on the new device, but developers have no choice but to update their apps when the hardware is upgraded to stay ahead of their rivals.

But, as we reported earlier, we are hearing a lot of complaints regarding an overheating issue with the new iPad. The problem is thought to be the result of the larger battery and the more powerful processor. We are expecting the newly released high resolution apps to play a big role in heating the device up even more. Is anyone out there using an updated app and feeling the heat?