New iPad Available Today, Has 1GB of RAM

New iPad Available Today, Has 1GB of RAM


Apple has a habit of selling you on the experience and not really letting you get a full look at the spec sheet. That hasn’t stopped some intrepid adventurers from ripping the new iPad apart to find out what guts it really has inside.

We already know about the new Retina display and its impressive 2048×1536 resolution. We already know about that A5X SoC and its quad-core graphics capabilities. But what about the RAM? The teardown has confirmed what we had pretty much expected: there is 1GB in there. This is double the 512MB that we find in the iPad 2. That should give a pretty good performance boost.

For the record, both cores of the A5X CPU are clocked at 1GHz. That’s not quite as fast as many of the processors on Android phones, but you have to remember that this is a different beast altogether and the lower (more efficient) clock speed could help a lot with battery life, even if the battery has gotten a fair bit bigger too.

So, what do you think? Have you decided to pick up the new iPad? Are you reading this while camped outside your local Apple Store, anxiously awaiting today’s launch?  Stores open at 8:00AM local for anxious soon-to-be tablet holders.