JuiceTank Case for iPhone Has Built-In Wall Charger

JuiceTank Case for iPhone Has Built-In Wall Charger


Where is that darn charger? We’ve all had the experience of misplacing our phone chargers, but the JuiceTank eliminates that problem altogether by integrating the charger right into the iPhone case. And it looks half decent doing it too.

You would think that this could make for a rather fat iPhone case, but the JuiceTank does something quite interesting: the two prongs for the wall charger bit are actually separated. Each prong springs up from either side, allowing the case to stay relatively skinny. If the design called for the two prongs to stay together, it would have been a much thicker product.

As the JuiceTank does need to juice up the iPhone stored inside, the 30-pin connector is occupied. However, they’ve integrated a micro-USB port in there too for when you want to sync up with your computer. That way, you don’t have to remove the iPhone from the case. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info. Pledge $55 or more and you’ll get one of the first JuiceTanks when and if it hits retail in July 2012.