The 2012 Millennium Yacht Design Award Goes to Allochroous

The 2012 Millennium Yacht Design Award Goes to Allochroous


Inspired by nature, Turkish designer Ezgi Aksan and Italian designer Ambra Ceronetti designed the Allochroous yacht, which has been announced as the winner of the 2012 Millennium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) in the Dream Boat category. The Allochroous, which will be ideal for conducting a summer concert at sea, features transformable body and color via innovative technologies. So the name Allochroous, which means “changing color”, is perfect for the new concept.

As you can see in the above photo, the new yacht concept has been designed specifically to host concerts, private parties and other events. The use of glass tiles which change color depending on the outside temperature results in the Allochroous transforming its color by day or by night. And not only that, it can even change its shape.

The 40 meter-long yacht’s design resembles a fish out-of-water and it features twin floating arms and a motorized torpedo.  Allochroous’ hull will descend to sea level when it’s not moving and rise when in motion.

There is a lounge area with tables and chairs, a concert floor and a cocktail bar. Private bathrooms, cooking facilities and other services are in the lower deck, and the yacht’s base structure, which is constructed using recycled aluminum, is similar to a honeycomb structure. And they are going the eco-friendly path for energy needs; the solar panels on the roof will be providing the required energy. It also features “Corian” flooring.

What you see above is the Cronos by young designers Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli. The design was awarded special mention by the jury. Cronos features a design with a strong focus on wood elements.

Check out the gallery below for knowing more about the two designs.