Gizmon iCA Military Edition Case For The iPhone Is From The Cold...

Gizmon iCA Military Edition Case For The iPhone Is From The Cold War Era


We know that you all love the camera on your iPhone 4S, but what if the device could also look and feel like a classic camera. The Gizmon iCA Military Edition case developed by Four Corner Store for the iPhone 4 and 4S will take you back to the era of military photographers and their Leica range finders.

The iCA Military Edition, which is a new variant of the Gizmon iCA iPhone case introduced last year, comes with a real optical viewfinder and a top mounted shutter button. It is made up of 23 durable polycarbonate pieces, which give it the Leica look while offering good protection from the occasional bumps and the case will allow you to attach a macro lens ($45) or a fisheye lens ($55) onto it for creating new effects. It also comes with a detachable tripod mount on the bottom.

So that’s a cool looking case that will feel like a real classic camera in the hands when you are taking snaps. But it appears like the new case won’t be a good fit for your pocket. And as for the lens on the case, it’s fake.

The iCA Military Edition case is currently available for pre-order and it comes with a price tag of $70.00. It will be shipping on March 17th, which by the way is also St. Patrick’s Day.