Geode iPhone Case Clones and Digitizes Credit Cards

Geode iPhone Case Clones and Digitizes Credit Cards


Are you tired of carrying around George Costanza’s wallet? Do you have way too many loyalty cards, credit cards, and debit cards? The Geode by iCache has got to be one of the smartest solutions we’ve seen in a while, digitizing that fat stack of plastic into a single iPhone case.

The idea is beautiful in its simplicity. The case has a built-in fingerprint reader to protect your security and the kit comes with a credit card reader attachment. You use that to register your various credit cards and you use the iPhone’s camera to take pictures of all the barcodes for your loyalty cards. When you want to collect those points, you set the loyalty card and its barcode is displayed via the embedded e-ink display on the back.

When you want to pay for something, you choose the credit card via the app and the included universal credit card gets temporarily programmed to clone that card, both via the magnetic strip and the chip. You hand over the card and proceed with the transaction as normal. Yes, the Geode is a little bulkier than your typical iPhone case, but it’s a heck of a lot more functional too.

They’re expecting to starting shipping the Geode (which works with the iPhone 4 and 4S) in May or June with a retail price of $199, but if you give at least a $159 backing on the Kickstarter page, you’ll get a Geode for “free.”