Instagram App Coming To Android

Instagram App Coming To Android


When it comes to photo-sharing apps, Instagram has really risen up the ladder, despite being an app that only works for iOS.

There are currently 27 million registered users for the app, as their founder, Kevin Systrom, pointed out last Sunday at the South by Southwest conference.

This is a pretty impressive amount of users, especially when you consider this is only tapping potential customers on the Apple front.

Now Instagram is taking things a step further by preparing an Android version of its app, as well.

It is currently undergoing a private beta and, according to the company, will be released very soon. Interestingly enough, Systrom described the app as being better than the iOS app, at least in the way that it is much faster. In his words – “When I say superior I just mean it’s really, really fast. The more we work on this stuff, the more we learn and the better it gets for everyone.”

I will certainly be willing to give this a try when it arrives on Android, and am glad to see such a popular iOS app make its way to Android users, too.

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