Siine Android Keyboard Aims To Make Typing Faster And ‘Easier’

Siine Android Keyboard Aims To Make Typing Faster And ‘Easier’


While there are plenty of different keyboards available on the market for Android, Siine attempts to make typing easier by giving you easier ways to input time, phrases, and notations into your messages with just a few simple swipes. It also allows the creation of your own shortcuts and can make typing certain types of messages much faster. It also features a quick deletion feature that lets you hold down the delete key and swipe your finger around, which they refer to as “sexy delete” (yes, really).

I personally gave this keyboard a go, myself, and found it wasn’t at all a bad offering, certainly better than it might sound just by hearing about it. Honestly though, I still prefer using Swype, but to each their own. I did like the idea of quick phrases like “how are you”, “can you talk”, and the like, but honestly it sometimes seemed to take more clicks and swipes to get to these features than I would have liked.

It is certainly a cool idea and for some users might prove quite useful. Check out the video below to see it in action, and/or try it for yourself from the Android market, er, Google Play store.

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