Mugen 4000mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Superphone

Mugen 4000mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Superphone


Let’s face it. Battery life on the average smartphone isn’t exactly impressive. We can barely get through a day of light to moderate usage, but what can we do? If you have a Galaxy Nexus, there is an alternative battery from Mugen (not to be confused with the Honda tuners or the fighting game platform) that will more than double your battery life.

The stock battery for the Galaxy Nexus is rated at 1750mAh, putting it right in the middle of the pack with most other Android smartphones. The replacement battery from Mugen Power, on the other hand, is rated at a whopping 4000mAh. Not surprisingly, this upgraded battery won’t fit under the OEM shell of your smartphone, so it comes bundled with a new battery cover. The net result is more than double the battery life, but also about double the size with a rather unsightly humpback. So much for being slim.

Embedded below is an unboxing and demo video of the upgraded battery. It’s not in English, but you get the idea. The Mugen Power 4000mAh battery for the Galaxy Nexus, including the “free” battery cover replacement sells for $98.95.