Prescription Bottle Beer Holder For Mr. Hugh Jass

Prescription Bottle Beer Holder For Mr. Hugh Jass


You should be disappointed if you came in here looking for some smartphone info or an article regarding a big medical breakthrough. But if you have a hobby of going for a beer bottle every time you get disappointed, you are going to love this prescription. The Prescription Bottle Beer Holder from Gadgets and Gear will allow you to get used to prescription bottles, the things you will be facing a lot after your Liver fails.

The beer holder, which has been designed like a big prescription bottle with funny instructions (won’t be funny while throwing up), will keep your beer ice cold and your hands dry, and might help to trick your wife to think that you are doing something healthy (actually it won’t, unless you are married to this lady).

And if you need another prescription, there’s no need to visit your doctor. You just have to head back to the fridge, provided you remember where it is. So, this one can also keep the doctor away (sorry Apple).

But make sure that it does not give you the urge to mix alcohol with drugs (terribly sorry if you got that idea from us) and do note that this one does not come with a child proof cap. Head here if you want to get the Prescription Bottle Beer Holder which comes with a price tag of $12.95.