Smart Baby Monitor For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch Users (Video)

Smart Baby Monitor For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch Users (Video)


It’s time you threw away your dumb walkie-talkie style baby monitor and try the “smart” way of keeping an eye on your little ones. The Smart Baby Monitor from French company Withings will allow you to check on your baby through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The sensor-packed web cam was released in the UK last year and now US citizens can finally get their hands on it.

So what’s very smart about this new product, you ask? Well, the fact is that everything about it is smart. First of all, the iOS accessory is not just about a camera. It comes equipped with many sensors for detecting sound, movement, temperature and humidity levels. The wide-angle camera is a 3MP one which can be tilted or swiveled into place all thanks to the monitor’s hinged design.

And that’s not all. It also features night vision via infrared LEDs (switches on automatically when light gets dim) and 4X zoom for zooming in on your baby. If the infant starts crying or moving, or if the room’s conditions become a bit unbearable, the monitor will sense it and will let you know via alerts on your device.

The monitor’s two-way microphone will allow you to hear your baby crying and sing a lullaby to it, provided you know any good ones. The monitor can wirelessly connect to your home internet connection or can connect to your device via Bluetooth. It’s also coming with a lullaby-playing feature and built-in night light.

You must have the WithBaby app on your device for connecting to the monitor. It’s available for free in the Apple App Store. But, as you might have guessed by now, the supermonitor is not cheap. With a $299 price tag, the monitor probably costs more than your handset.