Wind Mobile Simplifies Down to Just Two Unlimited Plans

Wind Mobile Simplifies Down to Just Two Unlimited Plans


Choosing a cell phone plan can be an exercise in frustration for a lot of people, so Wind Mobile has decided to simplify its offerings down to just two voice plans: The Wind 25 and the Wind 40, which are appropriately priced at $25 and $40 per month, respectively.

With the Wind 25 plan, you get unlimited local talk and unlimited text, along with 100MB of data. It also includes unlimited Canada-wide Wind-to-Wind calling, unlimited incoming, and call control (which includes caller ID). With the Wind 40 plan, that gets upgraded to unlimited Canada-wide talk, text, and data. The rest of the features are the same as the Wind 25.

Naturally, there are still the standard add-ons for you to consider too, like $8 voicemail and $10 unlimited US-wide calling and text messaging. The Wind 40 plan also has a $5 option for BES. For long distance, they’re also offering a “World Saver International Talk & Text” option for $8 per month. That gives you unlimited global text, plus up to 90% off international calling rates.

Check out Wind’s site for more information. As an aside, the Pay Your Way prepaid service from Wind has just added unlimited incoming calls too, in case you want to take that route instead of a monthly plan.