Radiation Watch $46 Pocket Geiger Counter for iPhone

Radiation Watch $46 Pocket Geiger Counter for iPhone


Japan is still recovering from the meltdown, earthquake, and tsunami in Fukushima, so it makes sense that public fears over radiation are at an all time high. Whereas a more conventional Geiger counter could easily run you hundreds of dollars, the Pocket Geiger from Radiation Watch starts at just $46.

The Pocket Geiger is an accessory for the iPhone and it works in tandem with the accompanying app. You connect it to your iDevice, load the app, and let it use its eight photodiode sensors to detect nearby radiation. This way, you can know whether or not you’re in the safe zone.

As an added public precaution, the app is designed to upload your readings to a central database. The readings are then aggregated by Radiation Watch and collectively displayed on a map. Again, this makes it easier for you to know where it’s safe and where it’s not. Sadly, the map is only visible to the over 10,000 members. This really should be public knowledge.

The entry-level Pocket Geiger costs $46. The Pokega Type2–which runs off the iPhone’s power rather than relying on its own dedicated battery–sells for $65.