Nokia’s 41MP Smartphone Sample Photos Are…

Nokia’s 41MP Smartphone Sample Photos Are…


Nokia recently announced a brand new handset that is making quite an interesting splash thanks to its 41-megapixel camera. No, 41 was not a typo. It’s hard not to be impressed with such a huge MP amount in a camera. Of course, without a quality lense, megapixels don’t mean much. Luckily this doesn’t seem to be a problem for the PureView. To check out the beautiful pictures that the PureView takes, visit the  Nokia’s ZIP file archive  for some impressive, totally uncompressed samples.

The downside? While Nokia’s de facto operating system standard has recently become Windows Phone, apparently the PureView 808 didn’t get the memo about change of operating systems and comes equipped with Symbian as its OS. Essentially this means you get an awesome camera, but you’re stuck with a platform that largely doesn’t have any apps or support worth talking about.

According to Nokia, the choice mainly had to do with the device being in development for five years, so it started as a Symbian project and apparently finished as one. While this is certainly an interesting device, what I personally am waiting for is the PureView’s 41MP camera technology to come to a Windows Phone device, perhaps a Lumia?

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