Apple iPad Gets Adobe Photoshop Touch App

Apple iPad Gets Adobe Photoshop Touch App


When I talk to most of my techie friends, we tend to agree that devices like our smartphones and tablets are largely for consumption, whereas the laptop or desktop is where the content is usually created. The lines are blurring, of course, thanks to apps like Flickr Mobile, Instagram, and so on. That trend is continuing with the release of Adobe Photoshop Touch for the Apple iPad 2.

Announced at MWC 2012, the new iPad app isn’t going to be quite as robust as its desktop counterpart, but it does grant access to core Photoshop features, “as well as new capabilities for creating and sharing in an app custom-built for tablets.”

You can use the app to create layers, add effects, and touch up photos. There’s a “Scribble Selection Tool” that works like the lasso tool for removing elements, for example, as well as a “Refine Edge” tool for making fine-tuned selections.

Photoshop Touch for iPad is available now through iTunes for $9.99. It’ll be a part of a large family of iPad apps from Adobe, including Adobe Collage (moodboards), Adobe Debut (presentation), Adobe Ideas (sketching), Adobe Kuler (color themes), and Adobe Proto (website and app prototyping).