Classic iOS ’86 Theme for iPhone Now Available for Download

Classic iOS ’86 Theme for iPhone Now Available for Download


Remember the Classic iOS ’86 Theme that we found last week? Now, you can load it up on your preferred iDevice and kick it old school like the cool kids. Not surprisingly, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone to get this theme through Cydia.

The actual instructions are reasonably straightforward, especially if you’re already familiar with getting new themes via Cydia. The iOS ’86 theme will work on both the iPhone and iPod touch, of course, and it’s designed to mirror the appearance of the original Mac OS. I think it looks more like the OS from the old Palm Pilots, myself. The originaly iOS ’86 theme was designed by Anton of Russia, but it has been replicated by iTheme and that’s the version available to you now.

To get the theme in Cydia, go to manage, then sources, then edit. Add “” to the list. Tap the search button and find “iOS 86 theme.” Install and apply via Winterboard. Your background image will still be there by default, so you’ll want this blank wallpaper as your home screen to complete the effect.