Canadians Get Free iPhone Apps from Starbucks Too

Canadians Get Free iPhone Apps from Starbucks Too


You know how when you go into a Starbucks, they sometimes have those promotional cards that let you download free music to your iTunes account? Well, that concept is now being expanded for Canadians who would prefer to get a free app for their iPhone or iPod touch.

The “App Pick of the Week” cards were already made available in the United States, but now Canadians can get them too. As you wait for your princess drink custom GMO latte beverage to be constructed by your barista, you can ask to get one of these cards from the cashier. They might also just leave them out on the counter for the taking.

In either case, you simply take the card and nab the promo code that is shown on the back. You can then enter this code on your iPhone or, if you’re patient and would rather wait, you can enter it into iTunes on your computer. EA’s Scrabble was a recent offering as a pick of the week. I still like Words with Friends, but free is free.

Ironically, as I type this, I have a cup of Starbucks coffee next to me, fueling my ability to type these words. I did not get a free iPhone app, but to be fair, I don’t have an iPhone either.