Photos Indicate iPad 3 Will Be Fatter, But Tapered

Photos Indicate iPad 3 Will Be Fatter, But Tapered


We’ve already heard all sorts of rumors about the iPad 3. We’ve heard about the possibility of a quad-core Apple A5X processor and the 9.7-inch 2048×1536 Retina display, but what about the actual outward design? What we think we’re seeing here are some spy shots of the iPad 3’s exterior casing and while the overall design is similar to the existing iPad 2, there are some notable differences.

It’s a little hard to see in some of these pictures, but it appears that the iPad 3 could be marginally thicker than its predecessor. This goes against Apple’s usual way of doing things, but it’s such a marginal difference that I don’t think too many people will notice. What is more noticeable is the slight curvature and more gradual tapering to the tablet that’s different than the iPad 2. In any case, your old cases won’t fit.

The volume rocker and bottom charging port appear similar, but the camera hole on the back is a little bigger. This might be in line with an upgraded camera that is a little bigger too, possibly bumping it up to an 8MP shooter. We’re also hearing of a narrower bezel around the display to address possible light leak issues.

The original rumored launch date was February 24 (Steve Jobs’ birthday), but that has apparently been pushed back to March 7. I imagine a launch on the same day as the unveiling is to be expected.