MS Office On Its Way To iOS?

MS Office On Its Way To iOS?


When it comes to office productivity software, Microsoft has been there since the beginning. When it comes to the mobile front though, the MS Office Suite doesn’t exist, instead relegating users to programs like OneNote or Google Docs. This is all about to change on the iPad front, according to The Daily.

If they are correct, it is said that the user interface on the new iOS suite is actually similar to the current version of OneNote for iOS, though it has some Metro-like design elements thrown in the mix. With Office for iOS you will also be able to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and have the ability to edit both locally and online.

While the specific launch details aren’t known, rumors suggest that Office will soon be on its way to Apple for final approval. So it could be sooner than we think. You have to wonder though, is it really wise to release Office onto iOS, when it could have really been a major reason to buy Windows 8 tablets.

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