Amazon Kindle E-Ink Color Device In The Works?

Amazon Kindle E-Ink Color Device In The Works?


When it comes to e-ink, you won’t get high-res graphics or color like an iPad, but you do get that easy-on-the-eyes B&W newsprint style view of your text and images.   There are currently only a hand full of color e-ink solutions out there and even fewer, like the Ectaco jetBook Color, are very expensive (around $500).  Most are from brands that we have never heard of.

This is about to change though, according to a new rumor that suggests Amazon has begun purchasing 6-inch e-ink color modules from EPD maker, E Ink Holdings. The report comes from a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report and suggests that shipping will begin in March and are expected to three million units per month.

If this rumor proves true this could mean that we will finally have a major-brand color e-ink device in the form of an Amazon Kindle. If true, this could be pretty big news, especially for educational and business venues looking for a device to replace text books and manuals without giving its employees/students full access to a tablet device.

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