Odorico Pordenone Expandable Caravan Concept Is More Than Just A Pretty Rendering

Odorico Pordenone Expandable Caravan Concept Is More Than Just A Pretty Rendering


Those who are fond of camping trips, but not too thrilled about spending time inside a brown toaster, might wanna check out this new design by Czech student Jakub Novak.  The Odorico Pordenone he calls it, named after Italian medieval traveler Odoric of Pordenone, it’s an expandable trailer which is nothing less than sexy.

Although the design fetched Novak the Czech National Award for Student Design, it’s still just a concept.  But it’s more than just a fancy artistic concept. The mechanics of the expandable caravan are backed by solid engineering, and he has made sure that there is a fine balance between style and function. Looking at the design, we find that there is an inclination towards modernity and minimalistic appearance. When the caravan is parked, the lucky owner can easily turn a crank within that causes the “wings” of the mobile home to open up. Besides revealing a large window that will allow you to enjoy the visual treats outside, the mechanism creates convenient space between a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom.

White dominates the interior mainly, the exception being the light green upholstery work and black window panels and inner wall panels. And Novak has designed the space with modern fixtures which double up as multi-purpose spaces. An example is the bed which can be used by 4 people, although it’s meant for 2. The designer has also suggested material specifications to ensure user comfort via efficient heat exchange and temperature management.

If it gets the required funding in the future, we might see one of these on the road one day. Will you be getting one then? In the meantime, he can do something about the name.

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