Motorola’s Intel-Powered Ice Cream Sandwich Phone Leaked

Motorola’s Intel-Powered Ice Cream Sandwich Phone Leaked


It seems that images from the first Motorola smartphone powered by Intel and running ICS have hit the net. The first image comes courtesy of PocketNow, and shows off a slender, silver handset that has absolutely no front-facing buttons of any kind.

The screen shows Motorola’s MotoBlur UI on top of Android, and if accurate, might be the first Android 4.0 phone from Motorola.

More than likely the device will run on Intel’s Medfield-based Atom processor and is expected to have a stellar camera that takes advantage of Android’s 4.0 software support and 15-frames-per-second burst shot mode. The smartphone is rumored to debut officially at the end of the month during the Mobile World Congress Event.

While I’m still not completely sold on the idea of an Intel x86-based smartphone, I’ll reserve judgment until we hear a little more about these phones and get a better first hand look. Who knows, maybe x86 will really surprise us all and give ARM processors a run for their money. Stranger things happen everyday.

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