iOS ’86 Is A Retro Makeover For The iPhone UI

iOS ’86 Is A Retro Makeover For The iPhone UI


Don’t you think that it will be awesome if we had a time machine to travel back in time to enjoy the glorious retro days? Unfortunately, we can’t do that. But what we can do is make the things around us look a bit like the ones from the past. Designer Anton Repponen has done just that, but just to his iPhone.

As you might agree with us, one of the most attractive features of the iPhone is its beautiful interface. But the customizations available are limited. You can just play with the wallpapers or alert sounds, or you will have to jailbreak. A new theme for the iOS will be cool, right? Repponen has managed to give iOS a retro makeover with his iOS ’86 concept which takes his iPhone back to 1986.

The device’s homescreen has been given the look and style of the original Mac OS. All the things are in black and white, the edges of pixels can be seen, and the classic Chicago bitmap font is also there.  It will be even more awesome if Apple allows themes on iOS devices. But we are pretty sure that a few jailbreakers have noted the new development.

Head here to take a peek at more pictures of iOS ’86.