Crawling Robots Battle with Awesome Weapons and Armor (Video)

Crawling Robots Battle with Awesome Weapons and Armor (Video)


What would you call a remote-controlled, six-legged robot toy (pictured above) for kids that can shoot all kinds of projectiles? Its designer, Jaimie Mantzel, is already calling it “The Greatest Toy in the Universe” (and we think that he might be right there), but he wants you to give it a cool name.

Although unnamed, the new toy is quite impressive with its customizable armor and weaponry. It walks on six legs and can be remotely controlled. There are various launchers, which can be turned and tilted remotely, for shooting projectiles and you just have to press the fire button a little longer to shoot a projectile farther. The armor falls off when hit just right, which makes the toy perfect for robot battles. But for conducting a battle, you will need at least two of these. That appears to be a great idea to sell more units, who knows, they may come in multi-packs.

But if you are lucky (and more than that, having a great imagination), you can end up with one for free. You just have to suggest a name here and if it gets selected, you will win a unit completely free. But if names are not your area of expertise and you have a thing for designing, just come out with an armor design for it. If that’s chosen, you play with a free unit.

As you will see in the first video below, the robots shown off are prototypes. The finished toys will be coming with improvements and other attachments. Mantzel will be working with Wow! Stuff to produce and distribute the final product. The toy company has released a promo video for the toy (second clip below).