Zooka Is Like A Bluetooth Bass Bazooka For Your iPad (Video)

Zooka Is Like A Bluetooth Bass Bazooka For Your iPad (Video)


The speakers on your iPad and iPhone are not at all bad, but don’t cut it for watching a movie or hearing that special song. What we see here is the Zooka, a new wireless speaker bar. The Zooka is a Bluetooth speaker bar that has been designed to easily fit onto your iPad. It’s said to offer 5x the sound of the in-built speakers on your device, so that is pretty good. And it’s portable as well, that’s even more good.

And no, it’s not just for iDevices. The Zooka can pair up with any other smartphone, tablet or even a laptop.  And there’s no problem if your gadget is so old it doesn’t have Bluetooth, cuz the Zooka features a 3.5mm audio headphone jack input.

Zooka’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries promise 8+ hours of life and are made of medical grade silicone; durable and comfortable to hold.   But designer Patrick Triato and NEW, a design studio in Portland Oregon need your help at the moment. The Zooka is a Kickstarter project and they need to raise $25,000 to start the device’s production. Head here to show your support and know more about Zooka to pre-order a unit for about $90.

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