The Networked Society Is A Realtime Connected Future

The Networked Society Is A Realtime Connected Future


Communications are a basic human need. That’s what Lars Magnus Ericsson, founder of Ericsson, said way back in 1876. My, how far have we come since that day and how much further do we have yet to go. And that’s the fundamental basis for the video embedded below, which comes courtesy of Ericsson.

While most of us are pretty familiar with Sony Ericsson, we have to remember that Ericsson is actually a pretty important player when it comes to the development of technologies and infrastructure to support our need for connectivity. We need that real time communication and that’s why Ericsson was so involved with everything from Bluetooth to mobile broadband to setting up mobile Internet in the heart of the Amazon.

Yes, it’s pretty clear that this so-called “history of communication” video is Ericsson tooting its own horn, but it is interesting to see how technology has evolved in to what we are now looking towards: A Networked Society. Ericsson looks ahead to its “The Networked Society” future and we’re happy to be along for the ride.

You can also watch the On the Brink video for more on the past, present, and future of connectivity. They feature guys from Wired UK, Flickr, and Soundcloud in their interviews.