Show Your Android Pride With Andru USB Charger

Show Your Android Pride With Andru USB Charger


Android fans rejoice! Another unique piece of Android swag for your collection has arrived, the Andru. This charming little guy not only manages to light up his eyes while charging, he can also move his arms, which is great for those like me that are either fidgety or have severe ADD (they kind of go hand-in-hand though).

I can’t help but admit that Google did a phenomenal job when choosing a mascot for its platform. Even if you prefer iOS or Windows Phone, you must admit that a Window-shaped charger or an Apple charger wouldn’t look even half as cool as this.

While certainly not the only Android-themed charger out there, it is certainly one of the most refined looking I’ve seen. The best part? It’s only $25 from Gen, which really shouldn’t be any more expensive than a plain-Jane USB charger at your local big box retailer.

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