Samsung’s New Touchscreen Remote Understands Your Voice Commands

Samsung’s New Touchscreen Remote Understands Your Voice Commands


TVs these days are as smart as many computers out there. And it appears like the remotes accompanying those are also becoming more complex. The size of the remote is already smaller than before and now the devices are becoming much smarter as well.  The device that you see above is a new remote from Samsung which comes equipped with a touchpad and a Siri-like voice control system. Yes, no more unnecessary buttons.

A few physical keys will still be there on the remote, but that’s not a problem especially when we compare it to previous remote designs. With the touchscreen, which is located at the top of the remote, you will be able to change the settings of the TV or search the Internet.

The voice recognition feature that’s coming with the device is basically the same one that was used for the company’s ES8000 Smart TV, which was shown off at CES 2012. You just have to speak into the remote’s in-built mic to change the volume and channel. This functionality will also be very useful when logging into streaming accounts. You will just have to say your user name and login.

And to make the interaction with the TV faster, the remote uses Bluetooth and infrared at the same time.

The touchscreen remote will be available with a smart TV that the company plans to release in the coming months. It will also be compatible with different set-top boxes and media players.