Wenger HypeX Pendants Like Swiss Army Jewelry?

Wenger HypeX Pendants Like Swiss Army Jewelry?


When it comes to those iconic Swiss Army knives, Wenger has to be one of the first names that comes to mind. That said, it may not always be convenient to dangle a bulky utility knife around your neck and that’s why Wenger has announced the more streamlined HypeX line of utility pendants. They’re like Swiss Army knives, except lighter and sleeker.

At launch, there will be six different offerings as part of the HypeX family from Wenger, each sporting a unique set of specialized tools. They all come with a silicone necklace and a stainless steel clasp, packaged in a neoprene or plastic pouch that can be repurposed for holding your other goodies.

Among the HypeX line is the Pietra, a little metal stick that contains a knife sharpener and a fire-starting flint. The Pietra is joined by the Whug (whistle and tweezers), Wyss (can/bottle opener, hex wrench, wire stripper), Buss (screwdriver set), Ridge (multi-hex wrench, pry, bottle opener, wire stripper), and Corkoran (corkscrew). Prices range from $60 to $100 and they’re expected to launch in June. Additional sport-specific HypeX pendants are being planned for the near future too.

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