Dropbox Handing Out 5GB Storage with Android Beta App

Dropbox Handing Out 5GB Storage with Android Beta App


 I really like my Dropbox. It’s just so convenient having my files sync’d up to the cloud. It’s great to have a public folder for sharing larger files with friends and colleagues too. Now, the Dropbox Android app has been updated to a new beta version and guess what? They’ll give you 5GB free for trying.

The main reason for the beta is to work out the kinks, but you need users to encounter those kinks for you to fix them. That’s why they’re encouraging more people to get the new Android app. To be fair, you don’t get the 5GB of cloud storage right from the get-go. Instead, you get 500MB on the first sync. After that, you need to automatically upload additional chunks of 500MB to grow your account in 500MB increments. Eventually, you hit five gigs.

That’s the first bit. The second bit is that the Android app itself comes along with a few upgrades too. For instance, you can set it up so that every photo you take with your smartphone will automatically get uploaded to your Dropbox account. This counters similar functionality I’ve seen with the Google+ app. You might want to keep an eye on your bandwidth, as it’s pretty easy to go over your monthly 3G/4G plan, but hopefully you can set it to Wi-Fi only too.

In any case, the app itself–as always–is free. You can grab the experimental beta in APK form at your leisure.

Soure: DropBox
Via: AndroidPolice