Magic Mirror Shows You Your Insides (Video)

Magic Mirror Shows You Your Insides (Video)


When the Kinect was introduced way back in 2010, everyone knew that the technology won’t just be used in gaming. There are endless possibilities of what it can be utilized for. And now, the guys over at the Technical University of Munich have come out with a new project called “mirracle” which uses Kinect’s motion sensing tech.

They have created an augmented reality “magic mirror” system, which is meant for anatomy education purposes and provides an in-situ visualization of the human anatomy. This means that virtual anatomy will be visualized at the same place where real anatomy is. It will be sort of like watching the insides of your body if you had X-ray vision.

The Kinect technology is used to track a user who is standing in front of the system. And you will be able to use gestures to select different slices of your body. You just have to move your hands to switch between slicing axes. And they have also introduced a virtual frosted glass to make the interaction with the system a whole lot better.

Check out the video to learn more.