Revealed: BlackBerry London Superphone with BlackBerry 10

Revealed: BlackBerry London Superphone with BlackBerry 10


Yes, Research in Motion has certainly seen brighter days. The co-CEOs have already stepped aside, so what is Waterloo going to do to dig itself out of this seemingly bottomless pit? Reveal a new platform, a new OS, and a brand new phone, of course! What you see here is the first semi-official look at the BlackBerry London, the very first RIM superphone to be powered by the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

This isn’t exactly official, per se, as CrackBerry simply found the leaked slide, but this is pretty darn close. The BlackBerry London was hinted at and leaked before, but that was when we were still calling it the first BBX phone. Now, it’s BlackBerry 10 and the hardware design is distinctly different. There’s almost something about it that reminds me of the Galaxy S II and others of that slim smartphone ilk.

Some people are saying that the BlackBerry London is more like a shrunken down, phone-sized version of the BlackBerry PlayBook. That almost makes sense, especially with that great rubberized-feeling back. As far as specs, we’re hearing of either a TI OMAP5 or Qualcomm chipset, both of which are of the 1.5GHz dual core variety. They’ve seemingly done away with hardware buttons too, not unlike the PlayBook.

The London will also be joined by the BlackBerry Lisbon and the BlackBerry Laguna, all of which will be doing the BlackBerry 10 thing and all of which should be due for release later this year.