Rodrigo Alonso’s N+ew: Furniture Made From E-Waste

Rodrigo Alonso’s N+ew: Furniture Made From E-Waste


Have your outdated electronics taken up half of your room’s space? Perhaps they are piling up in the garage. Before you start planning to move to a large place, you might want to check out this ‘N+ew’ solution from Chilean Rodrigo Alonso. Of course, there are many recycling programs out there that will help you with your e-waste problems. But this new idea will help you to keep the memories as well.

Alonso has come up with a new way to make furniture out of all that electronic waste. Dubbed N+ew (or No More Electronic Waste), the showy seats are composed of e-wastes including circuit boards, multi-colored wires, computer components, QWERTY keyboards, and even scratched CDs.

He dumps all those stuff into a large cubic mold which is then filled with a clear epoxy resin and melted recycled aluminum to bind everything together. When it’s set, it will be polished to a high-gloss finish.

The result will be fine looking furniture which will also serve as a time capsule, and we won’t have to wait 100 years to take a peek at what’s inside.

The whole idea is definitely something that might become more popular in the coming years, especially because of the changing technological landscape which results in the introduction of new electronics which are e-wastes of the future.

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