Getting A Closer Look At The Blackberry Porsche P9981 (Video)

Getting A Closer Look At The Blackberry Porsche P9981 (Video)


met Blackberry back in October with their P 9981 concept, an interesting looking device that is essentially just a standard Blackberry that has been beautified with Porsche styling. For many, you will find that there is little reason to own this model, either because of price, or just because you can get a better phone for even less.

While I will never own one, we did manage to get a look thanks to the folks at TechnoBuffalo, who were sent a working unit for review.  Judging by the video, it seems to have pretty good build quality, but probably not enough to warrant the $2400 USD price tag.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, the P 9981 is essentially just a Blackberry Bold 9900, and features a 1.2GHz processor, 8GB storage, NFC support, microSD, 2.8” display, and 5MP camera. For those that like style and have the money to burn, it certainly is an attractive looking unit.

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