Galaxy S III Possesses ‘Quad-Core Engine And 12MP Camera’

Galaxy S III Possesses ‘Quad-Core Engine And 12MP Camera’


Samsung had to think big when planning the next in their “S” series line of Android smartphones to keep up with the rich traditions already established by the Galaxy S, S II and the Galaxy Note.   It seems that Galaxy S3 will indeed be a monster, powered by a Quad-Core chipset capable of speeds in the range of 1.6 GHz. The picture gets even more enticing with industry expert Eldar Murtazin claiming through Twitter that he has got his hands on an S III and is bowled over by what it offers.

While mortals get to look at S III in a month or so when it gets unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Murtazin is apparently taking the newbie from Samsung through its paces. Of course, you guys will have to wait till you get to taste the Ice Cream Sandwich-run S III, signs suggesting that the smartphone will be launched first in the US, but not before April this year.

Mutazin’s tweet says the S III will have a 12MP camera and not a 16MP one as rumored earlier. It is not clear at the moment whether Samsung would stick with its tendency to stretch the screen (going by the size of Nexus and Note). Most probably the HD interface of the S III will be slightly bigger than S II, but not exactly in the range of Note, which should make it a fun device to have.

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