Nexus-Kinect Android Frankenhacker Creates Wall Sized Touchscreen

Nexus-Kinect Android Frankenhacker Creates Wall Sized Touchscreen


Remember the touchscreen computer in Minority Report? Well, it seems one savvy developer has managed to create something at least sort-of similar. This is the strange bastard child , he combines a Microsoft Kinect, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a computer, and a lot of mad scientist work.

Together, all these vastly different tools manage to work together to bring us a projected image on a wall that you can actually control through touch. While I am a computer geek myself, I won’t pretend to understand everything involved in making this combo work seamlessly together.

I do realize that it involves a ton of work, such as a specially complied Android ROM that allows the phone to talk to the computer. From there the computer is used to send commands to the headset that it receives from the Kinect. A projector is the last piece of this puzzle, which simply makes the stunning visual that appears on the wall.

While not a practical solution, nor the most particular way to use your phone, it is an amazing feat and certainly worth a little bit of drooling time on my part. Bravo to the person who managed to piece this all together and get it to work!