Reconstruction Sphere Digitally Recreates Anything Inside It

Reconstruction Sphere Digitally Recreates Anything Inside It


You will definitely find many 3D scanners out there, but nothing as sci-fi-looking as this one. The thing pictured above which looks like a time machine from a new Star Trek movie is the OrcaM “reconstruction sphere” which is capable of creating a flawless digital copy of any object that you place within it.

There are seven high-definition cameras inside that big black ball. The object which has to be digitally recreated is kept inside it, and the cams rotate around the object taking high resolution images.

Meanwhile, several combinations of projected light and shadow are made use of for determining the object’s texture, reflectance, and other factors. Capable of capturing color and texture flawlessly, the reconstruction sphere creates a submillimeter accurate 3D model of any object you place into it. The entire thing is fully automatic and no harm comes to the object used.

Such a big thing is certainly not the future of 3D scanning. But its makers are planning to make improvements on it, such as making it portable. Maybe in the future reconstruction spheres will be commonplace. You will be able to visit your nearby store to digitally recreate something that is very valuable to you.

Check out the video to take a peek at what happens inside the ball. It’s really sort of like a disco hall.

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