ICS (Finally) Comes To The Motorola Xoom

ICS (Finally) Comes To The Motorola Xoom


The Motorola Xoom just got a whole of a lot more appealing thanks to a new OTA update to ICS. This update replaces the stock Honeycomb OS and comes just a week after Asus started its rollout of ICS to the Transformer Prime.

For now, only American Wi-FI users are receiving the update, though international and 3G/4G models should still be in line for this upgrade shortly (though no official timeline has been revealed). This could mean that the beginning of a huge shift of upgrades to ICS could be heading our way for all Tegra 2 tablets, our at least we can hope. Of course its really up to each manufacturer whether or not they choose to update its devices or not. Of course, even if you Honeycomb tablet never gets official support, you can pretty much guarantee that an ICS custom ROM will eventually arrive.

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