iConvert Scanner Scans Paper To Your iPad Photos Folder

iConvert Scanner Scans Paper To Your iPad Photos Folder


Nowadays, keeping a scanned copy of an important document in your tablet has become very useful. But, where is a scanner when you need it the most? What you want is the iConvert which turns your iPad tablet into a scanning station.

The iConvert features a front feeder which can be adjusted from 2 inches to 8½ inches wide, so that you will be able to fit many important papers and photos into it. You just have to place your iPad on the scanner and you will get step-by-step prompts such as “scan”, “save” or “delete”.

It is capable of scanning in high-resolution 300dpi and converts hard copies to JPEG files. You will be able to access the e-copies from your tablet’s picture folder. The device works with the OCR app which is available for free at iTunes App Store and it fits easily into your backpack.

It can be put to use at your home for scanning those old photos and greeting cards, or at the office for saving signed documents and resumes, or on the go to make e-copies of receipts and expense reports.

The iConvert will be available on sale in the coming month with a price tag of $150 and begins shipping February 1, 2012 from Brookstone.

Alternatively, there’s the Visioneer Mobility which stores images directly on to your SD card, and the $250 Wi-Fi scanning Xerox that will send your documents to the cloud.  Both of which work standalone.