Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 To Be Waterproof?

Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 To Be Waterproof?


It seems that 2012 is the year of ‘waterproofing’. I find this ironic, since in the movie “2012”, the world is destroyed by a variety of disasters, ending in massive flooding.

Maybe companies are thinking, “Hmm… just in case?”  All jokes aside, we’ve seen some interesting pushes towards waterproofing technology such as P2i’s Aridion technology, and the new waterproof Pantech Element.

Now it seems that both Apple and Samsung might be making a move down this road as well, as both are actively looking into a hi-tech spray that make smartphones waterproof, and such technology could even arrive with the iPhone 5.

Keep in mind that this technology isn’t about deep scuba diving or water-sports, but it is still an innovative way to ensure that you don’t have your phone destroyed by accidental water damage.

I can personally attest to how you useful this could be, since about a year ago my then 1 ½ year old daughter actually did manage to get ahold of my phone and took it to meet the bathroom sink. While I was wise enough to have a replacement plan, having waterproofing like this would have made things a whole lot easier.

In recent demonstrations, a working iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, using this type of coating, were dunked into a bowl of water and were still working even below the surface.

The hi-tech coating will be available ‘pre-sprayed’ on iPods and other Apple devices in the near future it seems. Even if Apple and Samsung don’t officially offer devices that are pre-sprayed, part of the company, Zagg, is to incorporate the HZO coating into custom iPhones next year, and offer pre-treated phones for sale.

So will 2012 be the year of waterproof smartphones and tablets? It certainly looks that way.

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