DesignWorksUSA Partners with Thermaltake for Level 10 M Mouse

DesignWorksUSA Partners with Thermaltake for Level 10 M Mouse


All of the computer geeks in the audience will likely be familiar with the Thermaltake Level 10 computer case. It’s one honking behemoth and it paved the way for its GT and GTS variations. The same kind of design philosophy is being applied to peripherals as Thermaltake has once again buddied up with BMW Group subsidiary DesignWorksUSA for another creation.

Behold, the Level 10 M Mouse. Not surprisingly, Thermaltake has decided to slap its Tt eSports branding on this product as it’s very much geared toward the PC gamers in the audience. This is no ordinary mouse. For starters, it’s hollow. This “empty” body serves a couple of key purposes. First, it allows for easy adjustment; all you have to do is turn a screw and the top deck of the mouse can be raised and lowered to fit your ergonomic preference.

Second, the palm surface has been perforated. Coupled with that empty space underneath, this allows for some passive cooling for your sweaty hands. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before they unleash the Level 10 M GT Mouse with a little fan that blows cool air into your hand. If you want to stand out at a LAN party, “out there” Level 10 designs could be the way to go. No word on pricing or availability, but they do seem to be looking toward a launch this spring.