Best Of Samsung From CES 2012 (Video)

Best Of Samsung From CES 2012 (Video)


Apple is not interested in CES, and Microsoft earlier announced that it’s bowing out of next year’s event.  Many have started to believe that the show is losing its luster. But that did not stop manufacturers from around the world from unveiling their latest innovations.

Samsung was one of the tech giants to show off their latest and greatest products at the event. The company arrived at CES 2012 to unveil the “future of consumer electronics” and they definitely didn’t disappoint.


Samsung ES8000 LED TV

The Samsung ES8000 LED TV, their latest flagship Smart TV, instantly became a head turner when it was unveiled at CES. Coming equipped with features such as a dual core processor, a thin bezel, multitasking, integrated camera, microphone, face recognition, gesture-based controls, 3D content streaming and much more, the new TV has been designed to “listen, see and do what you want.”


Samsung 55″ OLED TV

Samsung’s 55″ Super OLED TV is ultra-thin and is super sharp. The beautifully designed TV is so thin that you can hardly see it when you move to the side. It is also coming with a built-in camera and microphone for motion control, voice control and face recognition, and a dual core processor for easy multitasking.


Samsung Smart Camera and Camcorder

These new cameras and camcorders are definitely going to make the life of shutterbugs a whole lot easier. The products are Wi-Fi enabled, so you will be able to email your photos right from your camera. And the auto backup feature will automatically upload all your photos to your PC wirelessly.


Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE enabled smartphone/mini tablet is coming with a 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display and a dual-core CPU. The Android device is coming with the S Pen stylus which is designed with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Their latest addition to the Galaxy Tab range, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, is also LTE enabled and will take advantage of Verizon’s high speed network. The device features a Super AMOLED Plus screen and is being billed as the thinnest and lightest tablet ever released by Samsung.


Samsung Series 9 Notebook

The company is saying about their new Series 9 Notebook as “the world’s thinnest and most compact premium notebook”. And thin it is. It’s a mere half inch thick and weighs in at only 2.5lbs. The 13-inch machine is definitely trouble for all the Ultrabooks out there.

If you missed Samsung’s presentation at CES 2012, you can check out the video below to enjoy the moment. Don’t forget to tell us which device has caught your eye.